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AutoSpeedWatch Road Sign

Driving into Quenington you may have spotted the new signs alongside the “Welcome to Quenington” signposts.  Erected on Friday 14th October by Gloucestershire Constabulary the signs located at the six entry points to the village, alert drivers to the operation of AutoSpeedWatch, the new Community Speed Detecting Cameras within the village.

AutoSpeedWatch, which is an improvement to the manual Community Speed Watch (CSW), records the details of vehicles travelling in excess of the speed limit along with the date, time and speed of the vehicle.  No personal data is involved.  Similar to the manual CSW, recorded information about vehicles is passed to the constabulary, who then decide what action, if any, to take.  This information cannot be used to pursue a prosecution, however, Quenington Parish Council aim to use AutoSpeedWatch to encourage behaviour change, through increased awareness and education, and thereby increase road safety within the village.

Quenington’s AutoSpeedWatch cameras were initially installed in the village on September 8th 2022.  A 6-week validating period followed, during which vehicle speed data was gathered at each camera location.  A summary of the findings, from the three operational cameras, between 8th Sept – 14th Oct 2022 found that:

  • 737 vehicles were recorded at or exceeding 36mph, accounting for 1014 incidences of speeding.
  • Of the 737 vehicles, 73 accounted for the highest speeds of between 45-66mph!
  • The highest speed recorded was a vehicle travelling at 66mph on Coneygar road.
  • The most prolific offender was caught 13 times
  • 28 illegal vehicles (those without tax or MOT) were identified

Quenington Parish Council, who are the first PC in Gloucestershire to be granted licences to install this system, have now moved into the next phase of operating this system.  More details about the system will be released on this website and in CHEQS later in the year, but if you have any questions in the meantime, please contact the Parish Clerk.