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Hire Charges

The table below sets out the rates for hiring the hall rooms.

Payment in full is required on booking. A full refund will be given if the event is cancelled more than four weeks beforehand. After that time no refund will be given. 

Go to Bookings and Enquiries to check availability and make a booking. 

The Hirer must be in attendance for the period of the hire.  

Rates per Hour:

Commercial and Non-Parish rate

Whole hall - £10

Main hall - £8

Small meeting room - £4

Parish or not-for-profit rate

Whole hall - £7.50

Main hall - £6

Small meeting room - £3


Parish/Not-for-profit rate: Hirer is a resident of the Parish of Quenington, Coln St Aldwyns or Hatherop, and the usage is non-commercial OR the Hirer is a not-for-profit organisation (e.g. Charity, Brownies etc).

Commercial and Non Parishioner rate: Hirer is a commercial user, business enterprise, or public sector organisation OR the Hirer is a private individual from outside the parishes of Quenington, Coln or Hatherop.


  1. The booking period includes the time required to set up and clear away the hall after use.
  2. Use of the kitchen, equipment and other facilities are included in the costs of room hire.
  3. Hirers should be aware that the other meeting room may be in use by other parties and take any necessary precautions. If a Hirer wishes to avoid a dual booking, they must book the whole hall.
  4. If bookings are made by organisations involving children, other parts of the hall will not be let for the duration of the hire period.
  5. The Hirer is responsible for setting out tables, chairs and equipment etc. and for repacking them tidily away, and for cleaning the Hall prior to the end of the Hire, unless other arrangements have been agreed.
  6. Hirers must agree to, and abide by the Terms and Conditions of Hire - QVH - July 2021.
  7. The Management Committee reserves the right to charge a discretionary rate in certain circumstances, subject to agreement of at least 4 Committee members.

Click on the link if you would like to read our full Hiring Policy.