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Apple Day

Apple Day & Coffee Morning - held in October each year

We hold an Apple Day in October each year which features:

  • Apple pressing for juice - please bring your own containers
  • Tea, cakes & good conversation
  • Seed Swap

Seed Swap Information

Please remember to collect your seeds for the Seed Swap.

No money will be exchanged but packets need to be clearly marked with the plant name and the collection date.

You could also add any other useful growing tips.

Unused seed packets can also be exchanged.

Some easy vegetables include beans, peas, tomatoes and spinach. Remember:

  • no hybrids
  • dry seeds completely on the plants for most seeds
  • reduce cross-pollination by only growing one variety of each species and isolate by distance
  • only save seeds from the healthiest 'true-to-type' plants.

video – view on YouTube